Sympathy in One Another’s Joys and Sorrows

Elizabeth’s neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they rejoiced with her.” Luke 1:58

We see here a striking example of the kindness we owe to one another. It is written that “they rejoiced with her.” How much more happiness there would be in this evil world, if conduct like this was more common!

Sympathy in one another’s joys and sorrows costs little, and yet is a grace of most mighty power.

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What Is A Christian Wife’s Role In Marriage?

And the LORD God said, It’s not good that man should be alone,
I will make him an helpmeet.
Genisis 2:18

I want to add just a quick note of encouragement to those women whose husbands are having an affair and want to know what to do now. Ignore it by detaching from it. Many of you may be astonished to hear me say such a thing but the truth is you can’t do anything about someone else’s immoral character and beliefs. You need to be the example to your husband by showing him your walk in the Lord. Fussing and fighting with the adulterer is not going to get him to stop. WORK ON YOUR OWN HEALING!

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Walking a Friend Through Divorce

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Dave walked through the door with divorce notice in hand. He’d not expected it, though he had told me he wanted a divorce eventually. But this way? This time?

One of the gifts of friendship is to be there for another when needed — in bad times as well as good times.

Instantly I knew that Dave needed particularly my friendship gift — immediately — in high gear –sympathetically — realistically — meaningfully.

So it was that the journey began-walking a friend through divorce. Interestingly, having made this trek with others down through the years, I have reached the conclusion that all divorces are different, all divorces are the same.

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In Sickness and in Health

When does a person think about health? For me, this question surfaced when I was sick, when I was far from healthy. For years I thought I was a healthy person. My doctors had declared how healthy and strong I was for my age. Then, very much to my surprise, I discovered that I had cancer. Health flew from my mind and disease and debilitation and death took health’s place. The plain and simple fact that a biopsy had found a significant cancer in my body immediately effected my identity. My sense of self was instantaneously altered . I became, from that hour of discovery, different. I was no longer healthy. Who was I? I was no longer even myself, but a cancer victim, and might soon become a cancer survivor. Whatever the outcome of this dread discovery, I thought I would never be the same.

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Divorce Proof Marriage

Divorce-proof Marriage?

No marriage can be made absolutely divorce-proof. No marriage is without difficulties and crises. Yet, a strong and intimate relationship can be built through what I choose to call crisis survival. Pain and suffering can provide creative growth. Romance and moments of ecstasy are wonderful, yet the stressful experience can also provide a setting for blessing. There is truth in the cliché, “No pain, and no gain.” Some of us flee from discomfort and never discover the benefits of “seeing it through” and forging even closer bonds in the shared traumas and trials.

The following seven building blocks are designed to nurture divorce- resistant partnerships:

1. Build each other up.

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