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If you would like to start your own Christians in Recovery local meeting you need to first get an annually renewable charter. All local groups and/or meetings started are the sole responsibility of the local individual(s), churches or groups that start and maintain them.

If you would like CIR brochures and recovery hand outs for your group, you may request them here: Group Materials Order Form | Brochure & Handouts Order Form

For chips, medallions, bumper stickers, recovery wallet cards etc. for your group: CIR Store

CIR's Magazine "The Gabriel" is free and available online. Members of CIR can access all back issues.

Need more training so you can more effectively help others or run a recovery group? Thinking about a career in the recovery field? These accredited facilities offer online as well as classroom training.

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As an individual member of CIR you can access all the resources on our web site. Encourage participants in your local group to join CIR too so they can also access our resources and take advantage of online meetings, workshops, message boards, over 3,000 pages of help and so much more. See Benefits of Membership

If you are interested in starting a Christian recovery meeting in your own area pray and ask God for guidance. Ask if it is truly His will for you to start a group. Meetings can be held in homes, churches or community centers -- anywhere that is convenient. The following is an excerpt from Living Free: A Guide for Forming & Conducting a Recovery Ministry (This is included in the Christians in Recovery Workbook & Guide CD)

    Christians are beginning to form Christ-centered recovery support groups. In these groups, Christ is identified as the Higher Power. Based on the same concepts as secular support groups, these groups constitute a voluntary social network of people organized around common needs and a process of mutual aid. Unlike secular groups, however, Christ-centered groups encourage participants to focus on Christ and his teachings as a vital part of their recovery. See: Types of Christian Recovery Support Groups

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