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    Heart Hunger: Letting Jesus Satisfy Our Deepest Spiritual Needs

    1. Our Deepest Spiritual Needs – What Are They?
    2. How Jesus Alone Truly Satisfies Them.
    3. Harmful Counterfeits And Why They Lure Us.
    4. Commitment To Jesus For Filling Your Hungry Heart.
    The 4 sections will be sprinkled with Scripture and interactivity.
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    Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse

    Session 1: Accepting there are disconnects in our lives
    (Getting past the fear…. Disconnection is not just about dissociative disorders — its about us being disconnected from the past, present, or hope for the future. Perhaps we have disconnected relationships, or our relationship with God seems bad. Perhaps it is memories, feelings, the refusal to deal with something… all these lead to disconnects in our lives… I will share scriptures that helped me move from fear of dealing with things to being willing to face things… )

    Session 2: Finding Healing Through Cooperating with God
    (Healing is not instantaneous, there are actions we need to take, attitudes we need to work on. God is our strength and He helps us, but His help requires OUR response)

    Session 3: Finding Hope when Connection Takes Us On Unexpected Pathways
    (handling disappointment and loss when we least expect it)

    Section 4: The Joy in Being a Blessing–One Dot at at Time
    (God uses us as we are where we are. When we dare to be open, despite our weakness, we become a blessing to others with similar struggles… because our story is bigger than ourselves…)

Download Transcripts of Previous Workshops