How to Start a Christian Recovery Group

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Program Options

Starting a Christians in Recovery Group – You can run a group using the Christians in Recovery materials for free, as long as you credit them to their author, Susan Brennan. These materials are available further down on this page.

Starting a Celebrate Recovery GroupCelebrate Recovery is another commonly-used format for Christian recovery groups. It was founded by Pastor Rick Warren. However, starting a Celebrate Recovery program is not free. You need to buy their program materials, which, as of early 2023, were about $90. You will also need to get assistance from a local Celebrate Recovery representative, whom you can locate at

Online Addiction Counseling Courses & Degrees

Do you need more training to counsel others effectively or run a recovery group? Are you considering a career in addiction recovery?

Our parent organization, City Vision University, is an accredited online Christian college offering a bachelor’s degree in Christian addiction counseling.

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The Next 24 Hours
Keys to Starting a Group

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