Self Deceit is Rarely Obvious

Unlike the deceit of others, self-deceit is almost never deliberate and intentional.

The act of deceiving ourselves is rarely that obvious. Without realizing it, we mask our behaviors in ways that are more acceptable, rewarding, and socially beneficial. In fact, we try very hard to look good in front of others and the mirror. Sometimes we try so hard to look perfect that we nearly convince ourselves that it’s true. Then, when someone tells us, or when we see the light on our own, we remember who and what we really are – human.

Our dark moments begin to reveal themselves and we feel shame and self-contempt. Unfortunately, this awareness often makes us want to work even harder to hide from reality with even more self-deceiving thoughts, motives, and actions. But self-deceit will never lead to healthy change and growth. Only honesty can bring change and recovery.