Codependent Relapse Checklist

Early Warning Signs

    Situational loss of daily structure.
    Lack of personal care
    Inability to effectively set and maintain limits
    Loss of constructive planning
    Compulsive behavior
    fatigue or lack of rest

    return to unreasonable resentments

    return to the tendency to control people, situations, and things
    self pity
    overspending/worrying about money
    eating disorder

Acute Co-dependent Crisis

    Return to fear and general anxiety
    loss of belief in a higher power
    attendance in 12 step program becomes sporadic
    mind racing
    inability to construct a logical chain of thought
    sleep disturbance

    behavioral loss of control
    uncontrollable mood swings
    failure to maintain interpersonal(informal) support systems
    feelings of isolation and loneliness
    tunnel vision
    return of periods of free floating anxiety and or panic attacks
    health problems
    use of medication or alcohol as a means to cope
    total abandonment of support meetings, therapy sessions

Debilitation Stage

    Inability to change behaviors in spite of conscious awareness that it is
    development of an “I don’t care ” attitude
    complete loss of daily structure

    despair and suicidal thoughts
    major physical collapse
    major emotional collapse