I Was Saved, But I Had Lost the Joy

Before I joined Christians in Recovery is was becoming very introverted, I was saved but had lost the joy. I had allowed myself to become very self centered, due to many stressful situations in my life.

When I discovered CIR I found so many caring people filled with the love of Christ and just wanting to help anyone who asked. It made me stop and think, that’s what it’s all about not just recovery but Christianity, helping and encouraging each other, I can see the light of God shining through so many people here.

We all have similar problems and some days just to read what is happening in someone else’s life makes me so grateful that this web site was available, and to know I am not alone there are people who care, who will pray for each other, chide each other sometimes and share what God is doing for them, because of this I realized God cares for me too, else why did He guide me here. My eyes have been opened to more of the word of God, praying and realizing we are not to struggle alone. Thank you for the privilege of sharing in CIR, and God Bless each person here.

~ Marcy