The Amplified Serenity Prayer

God [Almighty, all loving, all knowing Redeemer]
grant [give, provide, impart to] me the serenity [peace of mind, tranquility]
to accept [willingly receive] the things I cannot [am unable to] change [alter, modify],

the Courage [bravery, strength] to change the things (events, conditions, thoughts) I can,
and the Wisdom [knowledge, insight] to know [understand, acknowledge, recognize] the difference;

Living one day at a time (keeping things simple, living one hour or minute at a time if need be);
Accepting [bearing, enduring] hardship [adversity, suffering] as a pathway to peace [serenity, peace of mind, tranquility];
Taking, as Jesus (my Lord and my Savior) did, this sinful [ungodly, wicked, unholy] world as it is,
not as I would have it (would like it to be):

Trusting [believing, being confident] that you (my Heavenly Father) will make all things right (as they should be)
if I surrender to [yield to, acquiesce, accept] your will [plan for my life] (perfection of purpose) ;
that I may be reasonably happy [satisfied, fulfilled, joyous] in this life
and supremely [completely, altogether, totally, entirely] happy [satisfied, fulfilled, joyous] with you forever [eternally, everlastingly] in the next.