For the Alcoholic, the Addict and their Families

This is a poem written by Richard who is in prison:

Can I have a moment of silence for the addict that will die tonight
for the alcoholic who day after day is losing the fight
for babies born to our disease that will fight all of their life
not knowing recovery’s possible and that they have the right
to belong with us in our fellowship yes part of our alliance
where we come to seek comfort happiness not to mention guidance
from one another here everyone is living in reliance
in our community we have a voice where others demand silence

I’m only asking for a moment for us blessed to discover
even though it’s uphill and winding there is a path to recover
and we’re all ascending together side by side sisters and brothers
progress not perfection when falling we’re there for one another
alone I can’t but together we can rise to top this

I wanna aide my fellow addict who needs help to stop this
disease spirituality I can help the atheist and agnostic
I’ve lived it I’ve been there, I have experience on the topic
a moment of silence please for God’s miracles remaining anonymous
one that showed me I lack the ability to live autonomous
and our fellowship where the number of us who recover is monstrous
growing daily thankfully cause the number dying’s preposterous

It’s a miracle we have meetings where we find comfort and support
that through drugs and alcohol we have endlessly searched for
it’s a miracle I’m alive today in this life that I have torn
realizing there’s nothing worth leaving or losing family for
what’s more I was proud never stealing from my family
but I never understood I stole their right to live happily
from everything I tried and denied life declined rapidly
they were forced to see me living life missing struck with apathy
a moment of silence for strength to find hope after dope
hope after all the damage I’ve caused for the ability to cope
recovery’s tough but the tough are in recovery and it shows

I’ll fall for anything if I’m not standing for something this I know
although most of our actions were usually unintentional
they affected many around us this disease is two dimensional
we caused so much pain and suffering all of it’s consequential
through sobriety though it’ll get better life can be special

I need a moment when reliving the best hug of my life
I’m cuffed and shackled my mom hugging me tight as she cries
in front of a whole court room seeing this when I close my eyes

I have to cry telling you I wasn’t blown away would be a lie
every night I thank God for another day down another day sober
even though I’m in prison I know my life is far from over
thank you for meeting my needs today and that I’m awake
thank you for the knowledge of your will and the strength to apply it
with all that said, please join me in a moment of silence…

~ * ~

Written by Richard McAllister 8/20/09
Double R “confined entertainment” #54