What Would Happen, God?

Just what would happen, God,
If nations turned to you,
Loved like brothers, sisters,
Did as they’d have each do?

What if greed and gain
Resigned as highest quest,
What if each bare soul
Were seen as honored guest?

The courtrooms, echoed halls,
Would close for lack of use,
The homeless, hungry, heckled,
Would slip the stalking noose.

Veritas and valor
Could once more live in schools,
Replacing pulseless pallor,
Devitalizing rules.

Kids could fall asleep at night
Knowing in the morn
Their parents, married, kept the light
Of love safe through the storm.

It’s just a dream, of course, I know,
And futile as the Wind
That blows throughout the world in hope
The madness would suspend.