Everlasting to Everlasting

An awesome expanse by unrighteous unrippled
Senseless in sense that senses can’t pry
The secrets
Souls defenseless, crippled
Crumple, defeated and fate decry.

Alpha, Omega
First and Last,
Thunderblast that bade creation,
Floats on wind through prodigal nations
Calling to all in whispering voice
Rustling the leaves where branches a choice.

Some will attend this internal cue
In transcension of senses, songs, pews,
Discerning how much is merely a ruse
A touch is reborn, the tactile eschewed.

Taste now the freedom of soul’s release,
Soak in the sights of straightened streets,
Feel smooth gold that greet’s the feet
So recently washed by Mild and Meek.

Smell the scent of burial garb
Discarded, hear chants of merry mob
Heartily singing ’round pearly gates,
From everlasting to everlasting we are encased.