Are You Tired? Sick? Discouraged?

…he whose might is his god. Habakkuk 1:17, ASV

It isn’t often that such a short phrase of scripture so impacts my heart, but since running across these six words in my reading of Habakkuk earlier this week, I haven’t been able to put them out of my mind.

Is there anything more tragic than making our own limited strength, or “might,” our god? And yet the Bible tells us that many do. To be honest, nearly everyone who doesn’t depend on God ultimately resorts to depending on his own strength. How foolish can we possibly be? The verses surrounding Habakkuk 1:17 tell of the destruction of those who make such a poor choice.

Ever been tired? Sick? Discouraged? Weary? Depressed? If so, you know the limits of your own strength. Each time we experience once of those negative emotions or physical conditions, we reach the limits of our own might, the fallacy of our god if indeed we have not placed our faith in Christ. Wisdom calls to us at that point to reach beyond such earthly limitations and grasp the infallible, eternal, omnipotent might of a faithful and limitless God. And that, beloved, is the choice laid before all mankind. Will we wisely rely on the might of the one true God, or foolishly try to stand upon our own feet of clay?

May the joy of the Lord be your strength today, as you make the right choice each step of the way!