Living Day to Day

1. It is a victory, not a failure, to admit that I cannot control my problems, for then I can turn to God and begin to find serenity.

2. It is constructive to take an honest look at myself, face the true feelings and communicate honestly.

3. It is an act of courage, not shame, to admit any wrong I’ve done and ask forgiveness of God, myself and others.

4. It is healthy to accept and love myself, and to let others love me, because like everyone else, I am worthy and deserving of love and a good life.

5. It is OK to trust myself and others, I can be responsible for myself, as others can be for themselves.

6. It is possible for me to be happy, since happiness depends on myself and my attitude, not on things or other people.

7. It is possible for me to recover, if I believe I can and I am willing to take the necessary action for change.

8. It is better to set realistic goals for change. I can accomplish them one step at a time and one day at a time. One minute at a time if necessary. I can’t do it all, or do it perfectly, but I can do something. If I fail, It’s OK – there’s no failure except in not trying.

9. It is all right to set limits to keep myself sane and serene. It is OK to let things go that cannot be changed or do not matter in the long run.

10. It is good to take the time to stay in touch with myself and God through prayer and meditation.