12 Steps of Witnessing

The 12 Steps of the 12th Step

1. Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit before you approach the other person. God does not ask you to witness on your own!

2. Ask God to open the eyes and ears of the other person and make them a willing listener with an open heart.

3. Share on their level.

4. Address their needs. They have needs. Find out what they are. Perhaps you are in recovery from the same difficulty. Tell them how you had problems, what happened when Christ became part of the equation and how things are now.

5. Show them Christ by example–the way you live in everyday life. Let them observe how you handle situations, people, etc. doing things the way Jesus would do them.

6. Get their curiosity going. Give them a tidbit in conversation and make them want more–demand more.

7. Give them a paperback Bible written in modern English. The paperbacks do not look like Bibles and they are less likely to be intimidated. The modern language is easier for them to understand and is also less intimidating.

8. Suggest they read the Gospel of John and offer to
discuss it with them over coffee.

9. Do not be overbearing, be loving.

10. Follow up a few days later. Perhaps have lunch or go to a movie. Give them an opportunity to ask questions.

11. Continue to pray for your friend after you have shared with them.

12. Thank God for giving you the opportunity to share the love of Christ and His Gospel.