12th Step Tips – “Each One, Reach One”

Reach Out To Individuals
We all know someone who needs help. Reach out to them just as Christ would. These tips will help you get started.

  • Ask God to lead you to those who are in need of help or direction in recovery. Pray that He will give you the right words of hope and encouragement for these people.
  • People in need of recovery need something tangible. Hand those in need of help a handout (CIR brochure, inspirational cards, Bible Guide Card, ruler, etc.)
  • Be a good listener. Let them do the talking and tell you their needs first. Then you will be better equipped to help them. Talking over a cup of coffee or while taking a walk is helpful.
  • Help them to find a local Christian recovery meeting, group, ministry or organization in their area by searching the CIR database
  • Obtain a copy of the
    Christians in Recovery Workbook & Meeting Guide
    for them
  • Go to some meetings with them. No one wants to go to meetings alone.
  • Get them a chip or medallion, mug, hat or other recovery item to encourage them.
  • Give them The Gabriel printed out or on diskette. It is loaded with helpful tips and information.
  • Offer to sponsor them (even if it is only temporarily). Learn more.
  • Give a Gift of Recovery
  • Share your own personal experience, strength and hope with this person and encourage him or her.
  • Let them know
    • that they are not alone
    • that there are many who have overcome and recovered
    • that you care
    • that help is available anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through CIR
    • that the Christians in Recovery Community is available for the support, nurturing and encouragement that is needed.
    • that they can attend meetings and chats online through CIR and do it anonymously

Make a difference in someone else’s life! Encourage them to try out CIR’s 3 week Free Trial, without obligation, to see if it meets their needs. Direct them here to learn more.

Nobody is expected to do all of these things all the time. It’s very rewarding and can enable a low bottom or high bottom drunk feel like he/she is worthwhile. Plus, you can make a lot of friends in the process if you so choose. There truly is no joy like being involved in 12 Step work. If you have never 12 Stepped anyone, now is the time to learn about the blessings of seeing another person start on the path to recovery.

Churches, Pastors, Counselors, etc. Need to Hear Too!

    CIR has over 10,000 pages of resources and information available. Your churches, pastors, youth workers, counselors will welcome learning about CIR. They need Christ based recovery information and resources too!
    Print out The Gabriel or share it on diskette with them. Encourage them to make it available to their associates and flock.
    Offer to get CIR Brochures and make them available for distribution at the church, your counselor’s office, etc.

Write out your own testimony about recovery and how CIR has helped you. Share it with your church, recovery group, pastor, someone who you think needs recovery help. Send it to your favorite Christian radio station. Share it with CIR!