Finding Work after Recovery

When you begin to make serious permanent life changes, and you have been unemployed, look for work that will honor you as you honor work. When you do the kind of work that you have a passion for, it starts with working on yourself. You have the capacity to get a good job. So many people in early recovery will just settle for any type of work because they are thinking through the filter of negative thinking. It is true that you might have to work because of a court or other legal mandate. Whether you are in that situation or not, you can still find work that has longevity and brings you great pleasure and satisfaction.

Going to work at a job you do not like is a lot harder than getting up every morning to go to a job you enjoy. When you do the work you enjoy doing, you have more success and the quality of your life will change for the better. What can you do to prepare for success? How do you set up a plan to get you where you want to go?

Success starts from within and resonates out into everything you do. I like to tell people the first thing you must do is get all of the toxic people out of our life. Meaning you have to know when to set limits and also how to set limits. It is going to help you over the long haul when you look for work if you are clear about your own needs and desires.

Have an updated resume ready. Continue to build your resume and job skills. This is a great way to keep your job search fresh until you get the job you want. People who take the time while they are working to continue to look for work get what they want. People who are employed already have a better chance at success because they are not under as much pressure to just take the first job that comes along.

Take time to learn about the company you want to work for. People will sometimes assume that just because they know the name of a company, it will be the best match for them. Along those same lines, just because you know someone who works there, that can ‘get you in’, does not mean it will be the right match for you. Visit their website, talk to people who have done business with them and continue to ask questions about what they will do for you. Remember the phrase ‘what’s in it for me’ has a lot of relevance.

Set realistic goals about how much you need for your salary. It does make a lot of sense to take a job that does not pay enough when you might already be in that situation. It is not in your best interest to take a job just because in one year down the road you will earn enough money to sustain yourself. What do you do between now and then to sustain yourself?

Remember, you are in control. You can decide what you want and set realistic goals to make that happen in your life. The road to success is a process that gets better as you continue to practice healthy life choices. Getting ready for success is an ongoing process. It does not stop because you hit a pothole in your road. Take time to reflect on what works and remember what does not work. Keep your plan simple and to thine own self be true.