Finding Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery

Do you sometimes feel you need some inspiration for your eating disorder recovery? Maybe your resolve sometimes feels weak and you just need a little something extra to keep going. Eating disorder recovery can be a long and difficult process, so it only makes sense to find any inspiration you can help you to move forward.

Allow God’s Word to be an inspiration to you. Search the Bible for passages that offer comfort, healing, strength and whatever else you are seeking to inspire you in your recovery. You can also make finding inspiration a matter of prayer. You might be surprised at how God answers your prayers. He may speak to you directly or He may speak to you through His Word or even through the words of someone else. He may touch you through a song, poem, article, book or even a simple quote.

You might find inspiration for your eating disorder recovery by reading about others who have recovered from their own eating disorders. Why not read about those who have had very similar experiences to yours but who have found their own inspiration in their recovery and now walk free of their eating disorders?

Read poems that have some positives about eating disorder recovery in them. Even if you don’t usually like poetry, you might find some poems written by those who have recovered that speak to you. Some authors are able to convey the challenges as well as the positive outcomes of their recovery experiences in such a way that you can feel they can relate to what you are experiencing yourself.

Listen to music that has a positive message for eating disorder recovery. There are such songs out there, so why not listen to them and let the words give you the boost you need?

You might find inspiration in some of these things or perhaps something completely different. These are just a few suggestions. If you are truly looking for inspiration, you might find it in unexpected places. But why not start with prayer and searching God’s Word? May He lead you to what provides meaningful insights, gives hope, touches you and motivates you in your recovery.