Peace of Mind

You now know what it means to be at peace with yourself and free from drugs and alcohol. With addiction out of the way you will be closer to God. You know what it means to be a better Christian. You know the price that has to be paid to acquire the illusive thing called peace. I know men who would do anything if they could find peace in the form of sobriety and cleanliness. Every time they get close to finding peace that you have found in recovery, Satan steers them away. He lies to them, bluffs them, and blinds them. But you have found it, and I hope it is yours forever.

I hope to say these words to you someday. But there are many things you still do not understand. Addiction holds many mysteries and there are many problems that baffle you. But underneath it all, I am confident that you will find that inward relaxation and peace that will lead you to confident drug-free living.

All to often I’ve seen friends and acquaintances work a recovery program through hired counselors, physicians, and psychiatrists only to remain clean and sober for a short period of time. The missing ingredient was “peace”. Peace can only be experienced when you have been reconciled to God and when you have harmony within, with your fellow man and especially with god.

Christ has made peace with God for us. If by faith we accept Christ, we are justified by God and can realize the inner serenity that can come to man through no other means. When Christ enters our heart, we are freed and cleansed of all feelings of contamination, we can lift up our heads confidently and face our addictions knowing that we will be victorious.

In the unnatural state of substance abuse, no man is fully aware of the unsteadiness of his past behaviors, but he is aware that something is missing and a sense of unworthiness exists – physical impurity, physical immorality, mental well-being, hatred toward others, inadequacy, frustration, physical & mental illness, and a sense of guilt – all of which renders him sick in mind and body. You can be sure that there is a very real relationship between life of the spirit and the health of the mind. Peace in a man’s heart and peace with God have in themselves a beneficial effect upon the body and mind as well as hit spirit.