“If Only…”

When was the last time you were truly at peace with the world? Has substance abuse limited the appeasement of your desires? Believe me, the use of drugs and alcohol is directly related to our contentment.

Contentment can usually be gained by learning from the experiences of an active spiritual life – a connection with your Higher Power. But many of us ignore our hearts and choose to look at only the “negative” in our lives.

If you choose to ruin your hopes of inner peace and contentment, all you have to do is increase the number of times you use the word “if” in your vocabulary and speech. “If only I had more money”, “If only I could get back on my feet”, “If only I had a good job”, “If only I could stop drinking and drugging”. The list is endless.

Woven into the fabric of phrases like these mentioned is the negative side of life. Taken far enough, it can only lead to self-pity and discontent – the most distasteful and inexcusable of all attitudes. Where there is discontent, there is loneliness; and most assuredly, contentment breeds company. You would do well to remember that a positive-minded person makes a better companion than a negative-minded person.

Like serenity, contentment rarely has anything to do with financial status. Poor people can be content; rich people can be discontent. Those who want and those who have and desire more are equally in need of counsel. Greed is a cancerous attitude of poor choices.

Contentment comes when we desire peace.