The Gospel According to Jesus

The Message of Jesus’ Love
The Message of the Kingdom of God
The Message of the Church and Body of Jesus Christ
The Message of the Ages and the Revelation of Father
The Message of Holy Spirit through the Word and the Believer!

The supreme wonder of the gospel is its present realization of life – life of such unfathomable and enduring quality that it cannot fade for all eternity. World religions may claim to have the answers to the present misery of the individual, but what does it profit a man to achieve harmony with nature yet lose his soul? Jesus offers eternal life now. He said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” John 11:25, 26 God bless you. ~Reinhard Bonnke.

The Gospel imparts a hope that is beyond sin, judgment and fear of exposure or death! You will never exhaust the vast ocean of God’s love. You will be forever discovering greater lengths, widths, depths, and heights of His love.

Very important verse (so often translated and understood wrong!) 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 Paul says in the Greek, that we arrest every thought at spear point.

This is important to notice, it is the power in the sharpness of the spear that arrests the thought. In the previous verse Paul says, “We have weapons that demolish strongholds!”

A stronghold is typically a mindset, a thought pattern; now if a single thought can activate and engage a complete thought pattern, (almost like opening a complete document on your computer with a single click!) then if that thought can be arrested, the thought pattern is de-activated!

Here is the good news: Paul did not say like most translations do, “we must make thoughts obedient to Christ!”

The Greek says we arrest every thought at spear point by the obedience OF Christ!!!! Our own obedience couldn’t save us under Moses neither can it save us under Christ.

Its the revelation of the obedience of Christ that gives authority to the weapon that we employ to put every thought contrary to us, under arrest!

Romans 5:19, The Mirror Bible

The disobedience of the one man exhibits humanity as sinners; the obedience of another man (Jesus) exhibits humanity as righteous. The presence of the law made no difference, instead it merely highlighted the offence; but where sin increased, grace superseded it.

I am hyper-grace and you might as well throw in hyper-love for good measure! And it is not a theological position; it is a lifestyle of Grace through faith in every moment and every experience of my life! “His power (great grace) is made evident in my weakness!” Hyper grace, huh?


    hyper: word-forming element meaning “over, above, beyond, exceedingly, to excess,” from Greek hyper (prep. and adv.) “over, beyond, overmuch, above measure,” from PIE super- “over” (see super-).

If we can invent technology that can be an effective anti-virus shield to work even while we sleep, then let’s not underestimate the powerful and effective weapon God has given us in our ability to understand the full implication and benefit we have in the obedience of Christ!!!

2 Corinthians 10:3-6

3The fact that we are living in a physical world in human bodies of flesh does not mean that we engage ourselves in a combat dictated to by the typical “tit-for-tat” strategies of the politics of the day. 4The dynamic of our strategy is revealed in God’s ability to disengage mindsets and perceptions that have held people captive in pseudo fortresses for centuries! 5 Every lofty idea and argument positioned against the knowledge of God is cast down and exposed to be a mere invention of our own imagination. We arrest every thought that could possibly trigger an opposing threat to our redeemed identity and innocence at spear point! The caliber of our weapon is empowered by the revelation of the global consequence of the obedience of Christ.6 Our ears are fine tuned to echo the voice of likeness that resonates within us. We are acquainted with the articulate detail of the authentic voice of our origin.

Love brought me back from the future to live as Jesus, fully human and fully divine by embracing all that today can be in Him!

He has brought me back from the past, trading the shame and failures to live today in the fullness of Mercy and Grace!

He has brought me to another today to live with hope while embracing a love that liberates me to be extra-ordinarily ordinary!

I will enjoy the peace to be at peace with His great love and divine design! I will enjoy Him in me and I in Him each moment of potential called now!

“Chasing You” Jenn Johnson, from “Tides”