Ruth C., Advisory Council

Born in Maine, Lives in Maine, Will probably die in Maine

Occupation: Pediatric Nurse

Hobbies: Boating, woodcrafts, gardening, Cruising CIR site, did I mention boating?

Qualifications: I am a child of the King, and that Qualifies me for anything He desires of me (including membership on the Advisory Council of CIR). I have lived a life of struggles and hiding, that is until Christians in Recovery. My life has not been the same since August of 2001 when I found the unconditional love of Jesus here on this site. Church had been nothing but a painful experience for me growing up. I was sexually abused by a Sunday School teacher who was the saint of the church. I learned to keep secrets and put on masks.

The difference now is drastic! I have learned to tell secrets and remove the masks in the safety and love of fellow believers and it has been healing and life changing! PTL! My desire is to give back to CIR and to impact the lives of others who hurt and struggle.

I was Chairman of the 12 Step Committee and I devote many hours each week in outreach. I am a Foundations Team member and feel that I am blessed to be able to assist those with financial difficulties. I have become a meeting host and by doing so have improved my interpersonal relational skills.

Goals: My goal is to see CIR as secure in finances as it is in Christ. I work hard and long to spread the word about this ministry and increase the number of supporting memberships. I give financially to help support CIR in it’s outreach and expansion efforts. I continue to pray for this ministry to become all God desires of it to become. Also, I encourage and support the leadership at all times.

Email me at any time if I can be of assistance to you.