Joe and Charlie Worksheets: Basic Instincts of Life Which Create Self

Joe & Charlie Workshop - Handout - Work Sheets - Page 3

Basic Instincts of Life Which Create Self

Social Instinct Security Instinct Sexual Instinct

Companionship: Wanting to belong or to be accepted.

Prestige: Wanting to be recognized or to be accepted as a leader.

Self-Esteem: What we think of ourselves, high or low.

Pride: An excessive and unjustified opinion of oneself, either positive ( self-love ) or negative ( self-hate ).

Personal Relationships: Our relations with other human beings and with the world around us.

Ambitions: Our plans to gain acceptance, power, recognition, prestige, etc.

Material:   Wanting money, buildings, property, clothing, etc., in order to be secure.

Emotional:   Based upon our needs for another person or persons.  Some tend to dominate, some are overly dependent on others.

Ambitions:   Our plans to gain material wealth, or to dominate, or to depend on others.

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Acceptable:   Our sex lives as accepted by either Society's, God's, or by our own principles.

Hidden:   Elements of our sex of our sex lives which are contrary to either Society's, God's, or our own principles.

Ambition:   Our plans regarding our sex lives, either acceptable or hidden.

Feelings of bitter hurt or indignation which  come having rightly or wrongly held feelings of being injured or offended.

< < < WRONGS
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Feelings of anxiety, agitation, uneasiness, apprehension, etc.

Harms or Hurts
Wrong acts which result in pain, hurt feelings, worry, financial loss, etc., for others and also for self.

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