Sponsors / Recovery Buddies

What a Sponsor Does and Does Not Do

A mentor/recovery buddy/sponsor can provide vital support, encouragement and accountability during the eating disorder recovery process. And what a difference that can make to the sponsee. However, it’s important to understand the role of a sponsor – what does he or she does and does not do.

A quality mentor/recovery buddy/sponsor has good listening skills and the ability to tune into what the sponsee is feeling. A sponsor provides a safe place to talk so the sponsee can feel comfortable sharing his or her needs.

Benefits of Having a Sponsor/Mentor/Recovery Buddy

Would you like to have someone to talk to who can relate to what you’re experiencing? Perhaps you would like to communicate with someone who has been through eating disorder recovery or other difficulties, but has made it to the other side. Maybe you desire some added support and encouragement.

Many in eating disorder recovery benefit from having a mentor, sponsor or recovery buddy. While mentoring is appropriate for basically any reason the one being mentored would like to have one, listed below are some common circumstances under a person might seek a mentor during eating disorder recovery.

1. While seeking diagnosis and treatment.

Sympathy in One Another’s Joys and Sorrows

Elizabeth’s neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they rejoiced with her.” Luke 1:58

We see here a striking example of the kindness we owe to one another. It is written that “they rejoiced with her.” How much more happiness there would be in this evil world, if conduct like this was more common!

Sympathy in one another’s joys and sorrows costs little, and yet is a grace of most mighty power.

“Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery” – Workshop Transcript

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Obie-Host Welcome to the “Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery” Workshop
Please join me in welcoming Chaplain Michael Clark who will be leading the workshop. He is involved with Shadows of the Cross Ministries as well as Prison and Recovery Ministry. Chaplain Clark is a noted Speaker and Writer, Addiction Counselor/Professional as well as a Recovery Support Specialist. He will speak for several minutes after which we will open the floor for questions and comments from you for Chaplain Clark.

Let us open in prayer this evening.

Heavenly Father,
We ask Your blessings upon Chaplain Clark as he leads this workshop today.

Sponsor, Accountability Partner, Recovery Buddy: What’s the Difference?

There may be some confusion about the difference between a recovery buddy/accountability partner and a sponsor. In AA, where much of the groundwork was laid for recovery, they use a sponsor/sponsee relationship.That requires someone who is spiritually mature and who has a firm foundation in recovery with many years under their belt to be the sponsor.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many people come to a group, get “recovered” and leave.They never give back.
That does two things:

  • it shortchanges them (“You have to give it away in order to keep it”)
  • and

  • it short changes the newcomer (who needs someone to mentor them)

Eyes On The Prize

Have you ever seen the sport of curling? Curling, like most games, incorporates complex strategies and techniques, but the basic idea is pretty simple. The object, like other similar games (Crokinole and Shuffleboard), is to score points by getting your team’s markers closer to the target. These games typically involve three main tactics: Slide your …

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Risk: Stories Worth Telling (Part 4)

“Nobody could possibly understand how it feels.”

“If people knew what I really think, they wouldn’t want to be near me.”

“I’m sure I’m the only person who feels like this.”

“I can’t let anyone know what I’ve done. They’d despise me.”

Have you ever said, or thought, any of these? I have.