Benefits of Having a Sponsor/Mentor/Recovery Buddy

Would you like to have someone to talk to who can relate to what you’re experiencing? Perhaps you would like to communicate with someone who has been through eating disorder recovery or other difficulties, but has made it to the other side. Maybe you desire some added support and encouragement.

Many in eating disorder recovery benefit from having a mentor, sponsor or recovery buddy. While mentoring is appropriate for basically any reason the one being mentored would like to have one, listed below are some common circumstances under a person might seek a mentor during eating disorder recovery.

1. While seeking diagnosis and treatment.

Although a mentor (sponsor or recovery buddy) does not diagnose or treat an eating disorder, he or she can be a vital support in helping the sponsee seek help. The mentor/sponsor/buddy can help search for area eating disorder providers or give direction on who to call or what websites to check to find help. He or she might even offer to make some initial calls, help check out insurance coverage or be with the sponsee while he or she inquires. The mentor/sponsor/buddy may also insure the sponsee follows through with appointments or even go along if appropriate or necessary.

2. While facing challenges in the recovery process.

Eating disorder recovery is one of the most difficult, if not the hardest, of challenges a person may ever experience. A mentor/sponsor/buddy can support the sponsee in following the prescribed treatment plan, in resisting eating disorder behaviors and in clinging to what inspires the sponsee.

3. After getting out of inpatient treatment.

Many people struggle after leaving the protective environment that inpatient treatment provides. A mentor/sponsor/buddy can encourage the sponsee to practice the coping skills learned while being inpatient and to follow through on subsequent treatment.

4. To receive spiritual encouragement.

A Christian mentor/sponsor/buddy can pray for the sponsee and help them search the Scriptures for vital truths and promises to cling to in recovery. Whether it’s helping the sponsee see his or her identity in Christ or encouraging the sponsee to have a closer relationship with God, the mentor can provide spiritual guidance that will help the sponsee invite the Lord into all aspects of the recovery process.

Eating disorder recovery is hard work, but having a mentor/sponsor/buddy can lighten the burden. Having a mentor in eating disorder recovery can provide vital support, encouragement, accountability and spiritual guidance for the sponsee.