Lost Colony

A cryptic wind arose in idled hearts
And there sowed seeds with bent for distant toil,
The gravid quick abandoned native parts
And sought a way to route to foreign soil.
Who knew what gruesome dangers might arise,
They left beneath bright-bannered British skies.

The creaking ship, full loaded, battled storms
While men and women knelt below and prayed,
Dream did they of future, fairer morns
And fields with ample sustenance displayed.
They saw a chance to leave their past behind,
The chance became a sail and filled their minds.

With landfall came adventures unforeseen,
Fearsome foes eclipsed by withering drought,
The seeds that once fulfilled now failed their needs,
The wind of fortune changed, now blowing out.
And yet their hearts held hope the time would come
Their dreams would be unfurled beneath the sun.

What happened next is know to none but God,
The record shows their help from home delayed,
Then somewhere twixt the coastal mist and sod
They melted into forest, into glade.
On shore where hope-filled sails had first arrived
A native scans the sea through hazel eyes.