It’s No Joke

The world may laugh at “right” and “wrong”,
Assuming it’s a joke,
As Simpsons change the golden rule
To “Brother’s eye I’ll poke”,
Many are the clever ways
To package corporate greed
So lemming-like consumers feel
Like dashing knights on steeds.
Bigger houses, bigger cars
Disguising psyches bearing scars,
Depression rates, divorces soar
But no one cares about the score.

Sometimes I wonder when this building wave
Will crash and spawn
A new appreciation for
The path we’re really on,
Life is more than grabbing for
The latest, greatest buzz,
All the while enriching those
Who fill our brains with fuzz.
Bring the dawning, let it come,
Lord we sorely need the Son
Of Righteousness to heal our wounds,
Eclipse the madness, breach the tomb.