Beating the Monster Inside

ultimately I want to help other people with my writing
to beat the monster inside that we are constantly fighting
and hiding afraid to find someone for help to confide in
showing some true feelings for once in our life relying
on someone else feeling hopeless we’re unable to solve this
problem living this life addicted and alcoholic
say what you want to say, call it what you want to call it
but I am who I am and that means I am involved
it’s not a questions it’s a fact this disease calls for devotion
to others sick like me powerless but still hopin’
for some light someone to fight prying their minds open
to recovery Higher Power providing that explosion
of emotion shown everything that we had took for granted
people we took advantage in this life we thought we managed
and the panic we felt when everyone who cared had vanished
but they went no where, it was us who turned and ran
it’s only through devotion that we can see some better days
and only through emotion can I survive through life’s maze
I hope to teach living while letting live in many ways
and how to carry out God’s will despite life’s haze
in the next phase helping your fellows will set precedence
benefits from selfless devotion will always be definite
and when it’s second nature devoting until the end of it
it won’t be long before we are all living in the best of this
life of devotion building strong foundations in the motion
of addictions ocean surrounding and drowning he who’s open
to grudges reservations that lead to spiritual erosion
that cause implosion to all who ignore any small notion….
of selfless devotion