Jody: “I was broken by Crack”

I came to God a broken person. I was terribly addicted to crack cocaine. I had lived ten years with the guilt and pain I was causing my family and myself.

I was raised to believe in God, but I didn’t know how He could help me, or that He would want to. I had never learned that Jesus died so I wouldn’t have to live in the misery of my past. The more I learned about Jesus the more I realized how much He loves us and wants to help us.

And when I come to Him in repentance of my sins, they are forgotten. I soon realized He was with me all the time. He blessed me with a wife that stuck with me through all the bad times and two children that remember me as dad and not an addict. He protected me in the street all those years because to have survived it was surely an act of God.

I know today that God has a plan for my life. He loves me so much that He has given me a choice in my life and I have chosen to follow and serve Him the best I can.

~ Jody, a CIR Member