The Wonders

The wonders of Creation
Of cremation of my sin
Of how a child like Mary
Could harbor Life within

Of how a thriving orchard
Springs from a single seed
Or maker of the universe
Could sit on Mary’s knee

I hang in life upon a limb
On far flung distant tree
But track my lineage to the One
Who took the nails for me

The miracle of Life moves on
Invading, chasing void,
Creating fertile fields in hope
The dust will spring to joy.

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The End of Toxic Pride

I’ve fed on pods, I must confess,
Out in the field, when hunger pressed,
What’s meant for swine I’ve feasted on,
Midst dung I dined, my gusto gone.

I took my fill of stagnant swill,
Ingested things that might have killed,
I found myself in distant land
Fresh out of luck, life out of hand.

There should have been an ending there
In blending with the empty stares
But something woke and pushed aside
The prison of my toxic pride.

When given strength to journey back
I found the fruit I sorely lacked,
The wine that’s poured from royal blood,
A Father’s feast, prepared in love.

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Taking the First Step: You Have the Key

You look ahead with such despair
and feel all hope is gone,
for life has been so difficult
already you feel worn.

But living life in happiness
is not so hard to do,
first make somebody happy
and joy will come to you.

But if you fear rejection
of love you have to give
and fear to reach your hand out
you’ll never learn to live.

The first step is the hardest,
just take it and you’ll see
that life is worth the living
for now you hold the key.
~ Ruth March 1978

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He is All

You’re my music in the morning
You’re the joy that brings the dawn
You’re the sun that warms our faces
When the winter’s bearing on
Warm me ’til my lonely shivering
Heart’s inspired to kneel and pray
And I look to joyful dawning
On that final brightest day.

In tumultuous times of trouble
May we still Your songs employ
To dispel the growing darkness
That would all our faith destroy
When we feel our strength receding
May we still then seek Your face
In the midst of our heart’s bleeding
Send us oceans of Your grace.

You pour out Your sweet libations
Lord how great Thou truly art
Onto thirsty errant nations
Your sweet fragrance You impart
Lead us to the Living Water

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Our Babylon

The darkest times still harbor hope
And weakest wills conceal a way,
A path forgotten, choked, untried,
A torch untouched by dismal days.

From ruins rank and unredeemed
A phoenix can appear, hold sway,
Misty mournings, though amassed,
May yet relent, admit the day.

A righteous branch arose anon,
Though Judah had been captive, slaved,
Our Babylon has prison doors
Whose locks release when God invades.

“The days are coming,” declares the LORD,
“when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch,
a King who will reign wisely
and do what is just and right in the land.
In his days Judah will be saved
and Israel will live in safety.
This is the name by which he will be called:

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somewhere between physical reality and spiritual mentality
a chord was struck
and I resonated

tremors led to trephining truths
timeless tipped
targeting the center of my existence

midst all the quaking
my excuses became quiet
reacquainted with the ground of my being

when shaking ceased
I found a crease
and a Rock
where I stand amazed.

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Behind the Kaleidoscope

Beyond the sugarcoated nuserynameled rhymes,
Wands no longer waving, castles in decline,
Past the golden carrots lemmings love to follow ’round,
Dreams of ease and riches now in pieces on the ground,
When Lucy and her diamonds are seen nowhere in the sky,
Puff the magic dragon’s taking Chantix on the sly,
When Mister Rogers sends regrets he cannot be your friend
And Captain Kangaroo elopes with Mr. Moose’s twin,
You may awake to find you’re not in Kansas anymore,
Surrounded by the jungle’s heat you hear the Lion’s roar,
All these things, though good intended, serve as launching zones,
Take the leap of faith and find the Life behind the koans.

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Unraveling Webs

Lurking in shadows a sadness has been,
A moody reminder, paradise lost,
A spoiler that spins thick webs of chagrin,
Bleak sepulchers stinking, “GUILTY” embossed.
And lying therein, with days passing by,
Fading remembrance of transparent skies.

While life continues, bleak baggage and all,
Around sunken anchors water still flows,
Bringing a current of hope, a call
To waken a will ensconced within woes.
Can strength be mustered, chains be breached,
Web be unraveled, surface reached?

In anticipation of life unchained
A door may appear, Heaven disguised?
Hope lives that it leads to a life unstained,
Fear grows that it harbors more joy denied.
Will freedom reward all those who explore,
Or deeper despair, deeply deplored?

To think there’s a chance that Heaven will ope

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Creative decay happens…

Creative decay happens…
A mammoth of the forest falls
A path for sizzling sunlight appears
Tender shoots respond, grow,
Feed on the fallen, recycling the years.

Creative grief looms…
A mountainous emotion zooms
Arresting the will
But, in the end, stilled
Perseverance crests the hill.

Creative worry calls…
Bottomless stress
Wall of despair, ball of dismay
A puzzle with pieces missing, mislaid
Much can be gained from the angst, the rune
Humbled, refocused, head bowed, heart tuned.

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Symphony Dawn

The symphony that is dawn
Magnificence dwells in the birthing sun
All nature is drawn as hymns
Darkness flies
Hearts warm
Doubting dies.

So what is required of you
The blessed
The honored guests,
What strange request?

The witnesses
The dazzled dear
Cast away fears
To radiance cleave

Believe in Life beyond the sky
Believe the Light of Truth is nigh
Believe the sight that meets your eye
The Son of Love is waiting…Hie!

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