Unraveling Webs

Lurking in shadows a sadness has been,
A moody reminder, paradise lost,
A spoiler that spins thick webs of chagrin,
Bleak sepulchers stinking, “GUILTY” embossed.
And lying therein, with days passing by,
Fading remembrance of transparent skies.

While life continues, bleak baggage and all,
Around sunken anchors water still flows,
Bringing a current of hope, a call
To waken a will ensconced within woes.
Can strength be mustered, chains be breached,
Web be unraveled, surface reached?

In anticipation of life unchained
A door may appear, Heaven disguised?
Hope lives that it leads to a life unstained,
Fear grows that it harbors more joy denied.
Will freedom reward all those who explore,
Or deeper despair, deeply deplored?

To think there’s a chance that Heaven will ope
Can spark, can lead to unraveling webs,
Exhuming internal doors of hope
Where lately, for fear, none dared to tread.
With hand on the handle, hopes set to soar,
Internally open, beyond and before.