Questions For Couples

1. What are some of the ways you can learn to not dwell on the negative of your marriage?

2. Do you think there are areas in your marriage that you try and control and change? Write down what those areas are. Now write down alternate ways to handle those areas rather than trying to control or change your spouse.

Areas you now try to control:




What alternate ways can you stop trying to control or change those areas:




Remember: trying to change or control our spouse or circumstances in the marriage does not work, it will only cause resentment – so why keep trying? Pray that God give you the power and the wisdom to understand that you are powerless to change things you have no power over to change. Pray for your spouse instead and be the shinning light of Christ to your spouse and let them decide to change themselves. Don’t have expectations for your marriage or spouse.

1. Why do we like to make ourselves the victim or the good guy in our marriage? Are we really the good guy and they the bad guy? Do you feel like a victim?

2. Name five ways in which you can start to take care of you?






1. Do you think your thoughts and attitude helps to facilitate unhappiness in marriage?