I Could Not Have Stayed Sober Without CIR

CIR really helped me in my first few days of getting sober. I don’t believe I would have been able to stay sober without this site, and these people. When I freaked out, went into depression, people were there, explaining to me what was going on in my brain and body. There were/are lots of people here with a lot of knowledge about the disease of alcoholism, and they really helped me.

My first couple of weeks were filled with anguish, despair, deep dark depression all related to the withdrawal, which I did not know. I thought withdrawal was just throwing up, shaking, stuff like that. I had no idea that my brain, nerves, and body were damaged and were trying to deal with life without alcohol, and heal. This site was instrumental in keeping me sober, and keeping me from suicide, as I was starting to think that was the only way out of this horror. I continue to get educated and supported by the people here, and I am very grateful for that.

~ Sonja