The Mountains have been Marvelous, But the Valleys were Killers

My name is Sharon. I have been in recovery from childhood trauma for seven years. The mountains have been marvelous, but the valleys were killers. However, with each up and down I grew in faith. On November 14, I was in a low valley. I felt no one understand the pain of my heart. The only person who understood was my counselor, but she was paid to understand. I needed a Christian brother or sister who had walked before me. I decided I would end it all by taking an overdose.

God had another plan. While in the hospital the Lord spoke to me, and pointed out that I had accepted Jesus as my Savior, but never in my 40 some odd years, had I ever really trusted God with my days, not even one moment. Well, I left the hospital determined to find the heart of God.

Now, two years later, I am closer to God than ever before. He has allowed me the opportunity to grow with only Him as my guide. I am still in need of a “recovery” friend, but knowing that my Father God is there for me constantly helps. I learned to:

    –Turn my eyes on Jesus and the way he loved, instead of looking at people.
    –Recognize where I am and how I got there, of my own free will, not God’s design for me.
    –Untangle myself from my past, and focus on who I am IN Christ.
    –Speak the truth in love to myself and others.
    –Tell others when I am hurting, and tell others about Who Helps.

God is faithful. He is totally worthy of praise, and loves you with as much love as He did David, Peter, James, or John… or Lydia, Phoebe, Mary, Martha, etc. Keep your heart, head, and hands raised in praise to the Almighty, and just watch and see what great works he will do. Shalom!

~ Sharon