Alcohol’s Promise

I am more powerful than all the combined armies of the world.

I have destroyed more men than all the wars of the nations.

I have caused millions of accidents and wrecked more homes
than all the floods, tornadoes and hurricanes put together.

I am the world’s slickest thief,

I steal billions of dollars each year.

I find my victims among the sick and poor alike,
the young, the strong and the weak.

I loom up to such proportions that I cast a shadow
over a field of labor.

I am relentless, insidious and unpredictable.

I am everywhere, in the home, on the street,
in the factory, in the office, on the sand and in the air.

I bring sickness, poverty and even death.

I give nothing and take all.

I am your worst enemy.

I am alcohol.

I am patient and I am waiting.