Are the 12 Steps the Only Way?

Is it acceptable to have or receive a different approach than following the traditional Twelve Steps only?

In Christians in Recovery, the 12 Steps are only some of the tools available to those seeking recovery. The Bible and Biblical principles come first and foremost. CIR is not AA. Our Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty are our “Higher Power.” The Bible is our handbook. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and our Guide.

The 12 Steps are just tools. They work for some people and other people simply have no use for them. That is fine. If they work for you, by all means use them. Many people find the 12 Steps bring them into a closer relationship with God.

The Bible instructs us to have fellowship with one another, to mentor and love one another, to make amends, to confess our sins, to hold one another accountable, to change our ways (repent). All these are aspects of the 12 Steps as well as being a recovery buddy or sponsor. So at CIR we do not hold strictly to the 12 Steps and the AA way of doing things. We endeavor to adhere to Biblical principles.