God Based Marriage Counseling

Do it yourself marriage counseling with God in the forefront is exceptional counsel because it really works! You just need to learn how to work it. Let me ask you a question. What are you now basing your marriage on? Where are you going now for the answers you may need to resolve your marital upheavals? The answer is most likely friends, family, pastors, books, ebooks, etc, or for very few of you, mainstream marriage counseling. Am I right?

We have to know WHO WE ARE before we can choose the right kind of counseling and marital guidance.

Mainstream counseling comes from the viewpoints of society. The culture is full of people who are keen to form opinions of others by the way they look, dress, and by how much money they make, by gender, and job, beliefs, feelings, choices, and so on. How fair, do you think would it be to accept this kind of handling, and advice for your marriage? Several things can and will go wrong when we accept this sort of knowledge for our marriage.

Discernment is the key here.

How much do you value your marriage? How much do you value who you are, and the person you married? This is how we decide how much we value the guidance and advice we may get for our marriage. I certainly do realize that couples need a supportive ear to vent their marital frustrations to, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if couples knew the great difference it would make if they shifted their accepted wisdom over from mainstream counsel to biblical wisdom, they would see what exceptional marriages they really could have.

We want our marriage fixed and we’re so desperate to get it fixed that we run to strangers, friends and family that give us bias advice, all in the hopes of fixing our marriage. But this compounds the problem. Family and friends are the worse people to go to when you are in need of marital advice and support.

If you can’t change your spouse for them to be what you want them to be, how can a stranger behind a desk change your spouse? They most certainly can’t. Your spouse has to want to change for himself. And that happens when he or she begins to appreciate the marriage with more importance in their value bank.

There is much humanism and ego induced counseling going on in the world that is not helping marriage. If we believe that we evolved from monkey’s or clams, or whatever, then you would be correct in getting your counseling from the humanistic outlook and then base your actions on that self-based counseling. But if you believe yourself to belong to God’s family and Jesus Christ is your personal Savior, then why are you looking out into the world for your guidance?

Have you read the Declaration of Marital Status yet?

Why are you not happy and fulfilled? Why do you believe you are NOT in love with your spouse anymore? Because you’re not taking care of you, that’s why. You’re looking “at” your spouse to fulfill you and bring happiness into the marriage instead of looking “in” and seeing what the real problem is!

Without fixing ourselves first it won’t matter who we’re married to!

We need to fix ourselves first before we can fix anything with the marriage. We cannot tell our spouse how awful they are. We can’t keep blaming our spouse! We need to start shifting our focus off of our spouse and onto ourselves. The minute we stop putting so much of our energy into our spouse, we’ll instantly feel better about our marriage.

Give up Control!

God Based Marriage Counseling is for couples who base their marriage upon the foundations of Jesus Christ. Spiritual based marital counseling works best when both couples decide to do it together! I firmly believe with the right spiritual support couples can make a difference in the way they think and feel about their marriage. This is why I have gathered together some of my best materials for helping you get started in your personal journey into self-healing and marriage restoration.

Questions For Couples

    1. What is the difference between God-based marriage counseling and mainstream counseling?

    2. If the counselor is a Christian does that mean they will be able to save your marriage? Why or why not?

    3. Who should seek Godly based marriage counseling?

    4. What happens when we try and change our spouse to be something we want them to be?

    5. Do you really think you have fallen out of love with your spouse or is it something else that is changing your feelings about your spouse?

You Can Save You Marriage!