When you pull on opposite ends of a rope, you create tension. Same thing with life.

Tension’s mostly a good thing. In my experience, a lot of bad events occur when life gets out of balance and I operate at one extreme or another. Tension maintains some sort of healthy equilibrium.

We push to accomplish great things while we pray for patience to seek God’s timing.

We seek to understand as much as possible while knowing we’ll never really understand on this side of eternity.

We crave relationships and interaction while we treasure quiet and solitude.

We look forward to eternity while focusing on the tasks of this world.

I wonder if many of my struggles flow from forgetting that tension is a natural part of life. Perhaps if I embraced it I’d find a bit more of the peace I seek.

What’s a tension in your life? Is it possible that peace lies near the balance point rather than at one of the extremes?