Getting Help for Your Eating Disorder

No one should have to face the eating disorder recovery experience alone. Please try not to let anything stop you from getting the help you need. If you find that anything is holding you back from getting help, please examine what that might be and consider why it should not prevent you from living a happier and healthier life.

Are you afraid of giving up the eating disorder because it seems to serve some kind of purpose in your life? This seems like a common dilemma. While eating disorder sufferers want to be free of the hold the eating disorder has on them, they are sometimes afraid of what will take its place. They may find the eating disorder to be oddly comforting, like it is their friend. But what kind of friend deceives you, makes you feel badly about yourself or keeps you in bondage?

Are you frightened to share your deepest thoughts with someone else? Deep seated guilt and shame go hand-in-hand with an eating disorder. They can prevent a person from getting help, but what a sad thing that is. Those who are trained to help others hear all kinds of things. They have likely heard from others what you have to say, or something much like it. Also, they understand how difficult it is to open up about some things. In addition, God can see right through that guilt and shame, and He can even heal you of it if you will hand it over to Him. He wants to see you free of your eating disorder, so He doesn’t want guilt and shame to prevent you from getting needed help.

Do you feel unworthy of getting help? Perhaps you don’t think you deserve help given that you’ve mistreated your body. While you can’t change the past, that’s no reason to continue mistreating your body. Also, even if you haven’t been kind to yourself, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a better, healthier future. You are a creation of God. He values you, so there is no reason for you not to get the help you need.

Is there something else holding you back from getting needed help? If so, please discuss it with someone you trust and also make it a matter of prayer. You don’t have to live a life controlled by your eating disorder. Do your best not to let anything stop you from getting the help you need. Be kind to your body and to yourself. Try to imagine how much better you’ll feel and the many ways your life will improve without the eating disorder. Then get the help you need to help you make a healthier body and a better life a reality. God wants you to be free of the eating disorder. Let Him walk with you and lead you in your recovery. You might just be amazed at what He has in store for you.