Password Help

Make sure to read this entire page.

If you loose or forget your password you can get it here

All User Names and Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE and therefore must be typed with the exact same upper/lower case combination as you originally set.

If you are being asked to repeatedly log in to the CIR members
only area:

1) If you are behind a firewall, make sure it is set
to allow

2) if your web browser is automatically filling in your
UserID and password it may be corrupt or becoming
confused (this often happens with Internet Explorer).
Delete all cookies and files by:
Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies
Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files
Tools > Internet Options > Clear History
Reboot your computer and try logging in again.

3) Check your web browser setting and make sure cookies are accepted for:
in both browser and firewall, and second, make sure private
header info is available (this used to be just a firewall option,but several browsers now have the ability to send private header info or not).

If none of the above work you either have some browser settings to change or firewall settings to adjust.

If you do not understand some of this you need to contact a friend who is knowledgeable about computers or a computer professional to assist you with these settings on your own computer.