We Drank

WE DRANK FOR happiness and became unhappy.
WE DRANK FOR joy and became miserable.
WE DRANK FOR sociability and became argumentative.
WE DRANK FOR sophistication and became obnoxious.

WE DRANK FOR friendship and made enemies.
WE DRANK FOR sleep and awakened without rest.
WE DRANK FOR strength and felt weak.
WE DRANK medicinally and acquired health problems.

WE DRANK FOR relaxation and got the shakes.
WE DRANK FOR bravery and became afraid.
WE DRANK FOR confidence and became doubtful.
WE DRANK FOR freedom and became slaves.

WE DRANK to erase our problems and saw them multiply.
WE DRANK to cope with life and invited death.
WE DRANK finally even when we did not even want to
and couldn't stop.

~ Anonymous

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