Utter Confusion

Utter confusion, misery and pain,
Humiliation, remorseful, ashamed.
Dreading to face the light of each day,
Not wanting to hear what people would say.

Like, “Where is your power? Where is your pride?”
They don’t understand that deep down inside
I wish I knew the answers to give,
Or how to find the courage to live.

I had taken pills they told me I should.
I tried all the cures, but they did no good.
I made many promises and meant them too.
But the compulsion to drink is stronger than you.

One day a friend happened to say:
“I know the answer, I can show you a way.
All it takes is an open mind.
Believe what you hear from your own kind.”

I went to a meeting, they read Chapter V.
The steps made some sense and hope was revived.
I saw living proof of what faith can do.
It worked for them, why not for you ?

One day at a time, they told me to live.
They said, “Easy does it.” And “Learn to forgive.”
Be humble, be honest and help when you can.
Pass on what you learn to a new man.

I heard them repeat the Serenity Prayer.
And soon realized all my answers were there.
Now, when someone asks, “Can miracles be?”
May I always reply, “Take a look at me.”

~ Anonymous