Learning to Change

I have birds, little Red Bishops, that came to eat outside my window. I have a feeding tray for the small seed eaters.

Most of them have changed colour, all ready for the mating season.

But there are still a few that do not have the full new plumes and some have just began (late bloomers). And I seem to be like these always changing never coming to any kind of conclusion or completion.

Don’t want to remain in the old plumes they are too drab and painful.

Don’t want to change to the new ones because that requires responsibility and bringing up a new generation.

Plus if I am a bit of both…. great !!!! don’t have to make a choice to be either or…..????

On studying the feathers I have discovered that they change into soft velvet tufts rather then fully developed feathers. One other very important observation is that the wing feathers and tail feathers never change. These are the two most important types of feathers used in flight.

I felt Father was saying something very personal to me here, ”Noreen I only want to change what is not really you. You need to learn who you really are, and you need to accept who you really are. Don’t be afraid to find out who you are! I never have and never will create a person that I don’t love. I enjoyed finding all the unique bits of you and mixing them in a unique way and that no one else has the same mix or pattern. Know that when I challenge you to change it is not for your destruction. Although at the time it is at this point where you need to take up your cross and lay down your life and follow me.”


Father I stand where Judas stood,
realizing my rebellion and mistakes and self will.
But Father I choose not to remain
in rebellion and remorse for bad choices.
Father I choose Life !
Forgive me of my deep seated rebellion towards You.
Jesus teach me !
Your promised that You would.
I look to You for salvation and redemption.
You promised to write Your Laws on my heart
and to give me a new heart by Your Holy Spirit.
Forgive me Father and cleanse me….
I do love you Lord
You are all I have.

~ by Noreen, a member of CIR