Grace and Guilt: God’s Invitation to Break Free of Regret – Workshop Transcript

29:02 Obie-host Welcome to CIR’s Workshop “Grace and Guilt: God’s Invitation to Break Free of Regret”
29:12 Obie-host Our presenter this evening is Rich Dixon. Rich’s web site is:
29:22 Obie-host He authors many articles and Blog entries for Christians in Recovery.
29:37 Obie-host We strongly suggest you get a copy of his latest book “Relentless Grace”
29:44 Obie-host
29:55 Obie-host It is a true story which vividly details his own struggle with tragic injury and hopelessness.
30:04 Obie-host Relentless Grace reminds readers that only God can heal and change people.
30:15 Obie-host The book is about God, forgiveness, and about promises made and kept even in the midst of grief and loss.
30:28 Obie-host It’s about knowing with absolute certainty that Jesus walks with us, that He knows our pain and fear,
30:40 Obie-host and will help us not simply to survive but to thrivein the most difficult and overwhelming situations.
30:51 Obie-host Let us open in prayer.
31:00 Obie-host Heavenly Father,
31:13 Obie-host Thank You for this opportunity to gather together in Your name,
31:26 Obie-host to share and to learn. We ask that You bless this workshop with Your Holy Spirit
31:46 Obie-host that Rich will be annointed as he leads us.
31:53 Obie-host Open our hearts and our minds to Your Biblical Truths
32:11 Obie-host that we will be enlightened and come ever closer to You.
32:19 Obie-host In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
32:25 dulcinea. amen
32:31 uniquequeen amen
32:31 bj amen
32:35 julie amen
32:35 mickey amen
32:37 Rich-guest_speaker amen

32:46 Obie-host Welcome to CIR’s Workshop “Grace and Guilt: God’s Invitation to Break Free of Regret”
32:54 Obie-host Our presenter this evening is Rich Dixon. Rich’s web site is:
33:08 Obie-host Rich will make a short presentation….
33:19 Obie-host after which we will open the floor up to everyone here….
33:27 Obie-host and you can ask questions of Rich Dixon…..
33:40 Obie-host we will follow normal meeting protocol…..
33:50 Obie-host If you wish to ask Rich a question….
33:57 Obie-host raise your hand by typing: !
34:01 Obie-host and I will call on you….
34:12 Obie-host Please let Rich finish his presentation before asking any questions….
34:22 Obie-host I now turn the podium over to Rich…..
34:31 Obie-host Please go ahead Rich

34:35 Rich-guest_speaker Good evening. It’s great to be here. I’m looking forward to a great discussion…
34:59 Rich-guest_speaker Someone once told me that it’s easy to say smart stuff—just think of dumb stuff, then say the opposite…
35:16 Rich-guest_speaker Well, that’s sort of my approach to helping others. Since I do a lot of dumb stuff, just watch me and then do the opposite and you’ll be okay…

35:44 Rich-guest_speaker I’m going to take a few minutes to “talk” and share some thoughts, but I hope we’ll have some good discussion. It might be a good idea to keep some paper handy to record thoughts, comments, or questions…
36:06 Rich-guest_speaker I’m a quadriplegic and I type pretty slowly, so I worked out most of this ahead of time so I could cut and paste. If I get going too fact, somebody “yell” at me to slow down…
36:31 Rich-guest_speaker One thing before we begin– I’m not big on magic formulas that allow anyone to solve complex problems easily. The only person who gets rich with get-rich-quick programs is the guy selling the program. ..
37:41 Rich-guest_speaker So I hope you’re not expecting easy answers. I don’t have any—I don’t think they exist…
38:19 Rich-guest_speaker All I can do is share my experiences and hope you find something that helps you along your path…
38:44 Rich-guest_speaker My name’s Rich, and I’m a writer/motivational speaker (and a retired math teacher) from Fort Collins, Colorado. If you’re interested you can find out more about me at but here’s a quick cliff-notes version of my story.
39:20 Rich-guest_speaker In 1987, I fell from my roof while installing Christmas lights. One minute everything was going fine, then suddenly I was looking up at a paramedic…
40:04 Rich-guest_speaker After about four hours in the emergency room, they delivered the tough news that I’d shattered three vertebrae in my neck and damaged my spinal cord. I was paralyzed below my chest.
40:43 Rich-guest_speaker But the injury wasn’t my real problem—the trouble really started because of the way I reacted…
41:13 Rich-guest_speaker I was angry. I resisted. I wanted everyone else to be as miserable as I was. I was mad because everyone seemed to just go on with life as if nothing had changed.
41:51 Rich-guest_speaker Life was over. I hated everything and everyone. I alienated and drove away my friends, my family, and nearly everyone close to me. And that was where I lived for—ten years!
42:09 Rich-guest_speaker Anyone been in that place? 🙂
42:19 mickey yep
42:19 AlanH sure
42:27 uniquequeen yeaH
42:31 Samuel oh yes!
42:39 Rich-guest_speaker So that’s really what we have in common, because I didn’t need to recover physically as much as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
43:06 Rich-guest_speaker So the title of our session tonight is “Grace and Guilt: God’s invitation to break free of regret.” I want to share some thoughts in the form of a sort of parable.
43:38 Rich-guest_speaker I think of those ten years as a trip to the land of IF ONLY. …
44:00 Rich-guest_speaker It’s a lot like one of Jesus’ parables—a man has everything he could ever want, including a generous father who gives him everything he needs.
44:25 Rich-guest_speaker But it’s never enough, so he runs away to a foreign land and squanders everything.
44:43 Rich-guest_speaker Does this sound familiar?
44:49 dulcinea. yes
44:53 uniquequeen sure
44:54 AlanH yes
45:00 mickey yep
45:04 pammama amen
45:04 Samuel yep
45:18 Rich-guest_speaker In the land of IF ONLY, people waste a lot of time wishing they could accomplish some particular something…
45:39 Rich-guest_speaker They lament missed opportunities, dysfunctional families, or unfair circumstances…
45:56 Rich-guest_speaker They curse lack of talent, lack of resources, or lack of support. Something beyond their control always stands firmly between them and their dreams…
46:29 Rich-guest_speaker I think I might be one of the world’s foremost experts on the land of IF ONLY. If you’re seeking a tour guide who knows those out-of-the-way spots frequented by locals, I’m your guy…
46:52 Rich-guest_speaker Have you ever been to the land of IF ONLY?
46:57 dulcinea. yep
47:02 Obie-host yes
47:03 uniquequeen yeah
47:07 mickey yep
47:08 AlanH of course
47:16 Samuel yep
47:23 Rich-guest_speaker My “favorite” places in IF ONLY seemed to be I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO and IT AIN’T EVER GONNA HAPPEN.
47:52 Rich-guest_speaker What are some of the places you’ve discovered in the land of IF ONLY? I’ll wait a moment …
48:05 Obie-host despair
48:22 uniquequeen lonliness
48:26 dulcinea. anger
48:30 mickey sorrow
48:34 AlanH anxiety
48:35 pammama uselessness
48:50 uniquequeen arrogance
48:51 Melissa fear
48:52 dulcinea. confusion
49:07 Samuel false pride
49:20 dulcinea. past loss
49:25 bj hopelessness
49:55 Rich-guest_speaker Wow–we all know the territory of IF ONLY well!
50:04 pammama darkness
50:31 Rich-guest_speaker The scariest, lowest, darkest place in the land of IF ONLY is the valley of HOPELESS. It’s a place of darkness and shadows…
50:50 Rich-guest_speaker HOPELESS knots every struggle into an irresolvable tangle and casts every adversary as a sinister specter of evil…
51:15 Rich-guest_speaker I’m especially familiar with HOPELESS; I explored its dark corners for ten long years…
51:41 Rich-guest_speaker In HOPELESS, you begin to believe you’re so lost that not even God can find you…
52:04 Rich-guest_speaker which is a bad place to be, huh?
52:09 dulcinea. yea
52:16 Melissa for sure
52:20 uniquequeen uhum
52:27 Rich-guest_speaker In fact, that’s my definition of HOPELESS—feeling like you’re beyond even God’s help…
52:43 pammama nods
53:00 Rich-guest_speaker I once believed I was the only resident of HOPELESS, certain that no one could possibly know the fear and pain I experienced as I peered into the blackness lurking at every turn…
53:25 Rich-guest_speaker and I’ll bet we’ve all been there too!
53:36 uniquequeen sure thing
53:43 Moonsong yes
53:53 Rich-guest_speaker I wallowed in self-pity, absolutely certain that I’d sunk deeper into the abyss than anyone else…
54:12 pammama yep
54:28 Rich-guest_speaker Good news–Of course, HOPELESS is a lie. There’s no place beyond the reach of God’s love and Jesus’ light, but when you’re there it doesn’t matter…
54:54 Rich-guest_speaker You squeeze your eyes tightly shut because you’re afraid of what you might see. You create your own impenetrable blackness…
55:11 bj amen
55:27 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY is a place of regret…
55:57 Rich-guest_speaker Perhaps you could complete this sentence: IF ONLY _____ (any thoughts?)
56:16 bj i had made a different decision
56:20 uniquequeen I had made better choices
56:21 AlanH If only I hadn’t wasted my life
56:29 mickey my past hadnt happen
56:35 dulcinea. i didnt grow up sexually abused
56:37 Melissa I wasnt so stupid
56:37 pammama id never drank or drugged
56:51 Samuel I wasnt addicted
56:59 uniquequeen Did not have sex before marriage
57:19 mickey i had set some boundaries
57:22 Obie-host I didn’t have more faith in God
57:27 pammama I had life to live over again
57:45 dulcinea. i didnt hve so much anger
57:56 julie if only I had not gotten into that unhealthy relationship
57:57 uniquequeen the list could go on and on-endlessly
57:58 mickey i wasnt so afraid
58:25 Rich-guest_speaker Wow–ty for being so vulnerable…
58:58 Rich-guest_speaker it really is a place of regret…and it’s not God’s place!!
59:32 Rich-guest_speaker We’ll get to that in a moment…
59:39 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY has some really creative national mottos. My favorite was IT’S NOT FAIR.
59:52 uniquequeen ditto
:00:22 Rich-guest_speaker And then we IF ONLY-ites carry IT’S NOT FAIR into WHAT’S THE POINT to create a foolproof rationale for impossibility. WHY EVEN TRY to do the right thing when IT PROBABLY WON’T WORK OUT ANYWAY?
00:57 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY-ites are expert excuse makers, and I was their undisputed champion.
01:15 Rich-guest_speaker Maybe we could have a contest? :-))
01:24 Obie-host LOL
01:35 uniquequeen ditto-Obie
01:46 Rich-guest_speaker Here’s the key thing to remember: IF ONLY isn’t part of God’s plan. Just like the father didn’t want his prodigal son to leave for a foreign land, God doesn’t want us to live in IF ONLY.
02:18 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY is the enemy’s territory. He’s the one who whispers those mottos. IT’S NOT FAIR, WHAT’S THE POINT, and WHY BOTHER are the enemy’s tricks.
03:00 Rich-guest_speaker I imagine I’m not the only one the enemy talks to.
03:09 uniquequeen not
03:36 Rich-guest_speaker But here’s what we need to remember: They’re lies.
04:01 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY is a land of regret and guilt. It’s all about limitations and fears. IF ONLY traps us in the past, and it buries us in worry about the future.
04:21 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY keeps us from living in the present where God loves us.
04:40 Rich-guest_speaker And the enemy works very hard to keep us trapped there.
05:07 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY feels like an impenetrable fortress from which there’s no escape. Heavily armed guards protect every border crossing. Right?
05:21 dulcinea. yes
05:23 uniquequeen yes
05:25 AlanH yes
05:31 Rich-guest_speaker No matter how badly you want to leave, everything about IF ONLY is designed to contain its residents.
05:32 Melissa nod
05:57 Rich-guest_speaker The most heavily fortified borders defend the impenetrable boundary around HOPELESS. Leaving any portion of IF ONLY is difficult, but HOPELESS is surrounded by double-layered chain link topped with spirals of razor wire and patrolled by vicious attack dogs.
06:08 uniquequeen cleverly designed
06:40 Rich-guest_speaker While this bristling security intimidates would-be fugitives, the sad fact is that almost nobody ever tests the borders of HOPELESS. WHY BOTHER? It’s HOPELESS.
07:07 Rich-guest_speaker The most carefully guarded aspect of this elaborate security mechanism, the top-secret, eyes-only, password-encrypted, classified hush-hush bombshell, concerns its most clever design feature:
07:26 Rich-guest_speaker the whole thing is an illusion.
07:55 Rich-guest_speaker The fences are holograms, the weapons are fakes. The guards shout, “Nobody leaves!” but they meekly step aside whenever they’re challenged.
08:13 Obie-host amen
08:13 Rich-guest_speaker It’s all a crafty but very effective ruse, completely dependent on fear and conformity.
08:30 Rich-guest_speaker As long as inhabitants obey the commanding signs and accept the flimsy façade as formidable reality, they’re trapped within their own imaginary prison.
08:45 uniquequeen how true
08:50 Rich-guest_speaker Or–we’re trapped…
09:19 Rich-guest_speaker But–Touch the razor wire and it disintegrates like cotton candy.
09:34 Rich-guest_speaker Push the gate and it swings wide. Ignore the signs and they disappear.
09:58 Rich-guest_speaker The whole system operates with smoke and mirrors, and it’s nearly 100% effective because it’s almost never challenged.
10:13 Rich-guest_speaker He’s a very clever adversary!
10:41 Rich-guest_speaker The designer of this elaborate, illusory containment scheme understood the residents of IF ONLY. He knew that bars and armed guards could never confine as effectively as fear.
11:12 Rich-guest_speaker A simple imaginary line can stop anyone who believes it cannot be crossed. One who refuses to step through an open door lives in an impenetrable, self-constructed prison.
11:24 dulcinea. yes
11:45 Rich-guest_speaker That’s the nasty little secret of citizenship in the land of IF ONLY. Residence is entirely voluntary…
12:08 Moonsong. joined.
12:08 Rich-guest_speaker Nobody’s ever required to enter, and you can leave whenever you wish…
12:28 Rich-guest_speaker But the population doesn’t dwindle, and most of the inhabitants argue passionately that they’re imprisoned against their will by forces beyond their control.
13:00 Rich-guest_speaker As a former flag-waving patriot of HOPELESS, I can testify to the effectiveness of this simple border security strategy.
13:25 Rich-guest_speaker HOPELESS is dark and eerie, a perfect environment in which to plant and cultivate fear.
14:04 Rich-guest_speaker After you wander in HOPELESS for a while you become certain only of failure. IT’LL NEVER WORK OUT becomes a permanent address, and from that place those twisted fears become iron bars and cells without doors. There’s no escape; after all, it’s HOPELESS.
14:47 Rich-guest_speaker Anybody think there’s an easy way out?
14:57 Melissa no
15:06 AlanH not really
15:30 pammama there has to be
15:30 uniquequeen I know the right thing to say: Jesus; but I do not really believe it.
15:49 dulcinea. not easy but certian
15:59 Rich-guest_speaker I agree–I’d like to offer a magic strategy for escape, five quick steps to elude the imaginary guards, bust the nonexistent fences, and blast through the invisible barriers of fear.
16:18 Rich-guest_speaker I wish I could provide a road map through the wilderness that surrounds IF ONLY, but I’m convinced that no such map can exist.
16:48 Rich-guest_speaker Everyone’s prison is unique, constructed from the bricks of individual terror and staffed by self-created demons and ghosts.
17:13 Rich-guest_speaker HOPELESS is a very real place with a very real population, but there’s no universal formula for escape.
17:51 Rich-guest_speaker But–it’s a very real place that’s a lie–because HOPE LIVES!
18:09 Rich-guest_speaker From my personal experiences, I can only offer this guidance:
18:27 Rich-guest_speaker Escape is possible. I know, because I did it.
18:46 Rich-guest_speaker Escape is extremely difficult. Your fears will do everything to keep you trapped. Right?
18:52 dulcinea. yes
19:04 AlanH yes
19:06 uniquequeen yelp
19:09 mickey yep
19:12 Melissa nod
19:16 Rich-guest_speaker Escape takes a long time, multiple attempts, and persistence. You’re likely to get some cuts and bruises along the way.
19:18 bj yes
19:30 uniquequeen multiple
19:43 Rich-guest_speaker Escape requires believing that the barriers are self-created. As long as you believe they belong to someone else, you’re stuck.
19:51 dulcinea. yes
20:06 Rich-guest_speaker Escape is worth whatever it costs.
20:32 Rich-guest_speaker Nobody has to live in IF ONLY or HOPELESS.
20:59 Rich-guest_speaker And–the jailbreak has already been accomplished!
21:04 dulcinea. amen
21:24 uniquequeen through Jesus
21:38 Rich-guest_speaker And if I’ve learned one thing on this journey, it’s this—there ain’t no “easy” button for the important tasks in life.
21:54 Rich-guest_speaker Worthwhile things like escaping from HOPELESS are rarely effortless, but the obstacles can serve a valuable purpose.
22:24 Rich-guest_speaker I think this is important: If we learn to look at them the right way, obstacles don’t exist to confine us, but rather to show us how much we want to get out.
22:50 Rich-guest_speaker If it were easy, everyone would do it. The obstacles make the triumph sweeter.
23:17 pammama true
23:20 Rich-guest_speaker So if God didn’t design IF ONLY, where does He want us to live?
23:33 uniquequeen in hope
23:47 Rich-guest_speaker Exactly. I think He intends us to live in the freedom of WHAT IF.
24:13 Rich-guest_speaker But the enemy’s even twisted that. We turn WHAT IF into a breeding ground for worry and fear.
24:32 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF I fail? WHAT IF she lets me down?
24:52 uniquequeen those are real concerns
24:59 Rich-guest_speaker You can probably fill in the blank for your own situation. WHAT IF __________? (ideas?)
25:16 mickey he leaves
25:20 pammama I die and dont make heaven
25:20 dulcinea. i fall again
25:30 mickey i fall apart
25:32 dulcinea. i m alone
25:38 Moonsong. they hate it
25:39 Melissa I fail
25:53 julie I can’t break out of a cycle of relapse
25:53 AlanH I’m laughed at
26:06 uniquequeen it is true that I am stupid
26:12 Moonsong left.
26:17 Rich-guest_speaker Yeah–those are the enemy talking. And they’re VERY real…
26:54 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF wasn’t planned to prompt despair about the worst that might happen, but to inspire hopes and dreams about unlimited opportunity.
27:17 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF points toward freedom from IF ONLY. Following its guidance, I encountered a completely new perspective.
27:34 Rich-guest_speaker The questions changed, the lie was exposed.
27:48 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF Jesus walks beside you every moment?
27:52 julie amen
28:05 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF God really does work for good in all circumstances?
28:16 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF LOVE is my true destiny?
28:31 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF HOPELESS and I CAN’T and all the rest of it is a lie?
28:51 Rich-guest_speaker What else? What if ______ ?
29:11 dulcinea. wht if He is who He says He is?
29:19 dulcinea. wht if i am who He says I am?
29:36 Rich-guest_speaker Yeah–what if?
29:45 Rich-guest_speaker What else?
30:03 Moonsong. this is really a gift from God
30:21 uniquequeen What if I am in denial
30:23 pammama I really have a real purpose?
30:27 AlanH I really am His beloved child
30:42 dulcinea. i am HIs heir
30:52 uniquequeen What if I do not know the truth
30:54 Melissa God has a plan and it will be fulfilled for my life
31:07 bj all things DO really work together for my good
31:18 uniquequeen What if I am listening to the wrong people
31:34 dulcinea. He makes all things new
31:49 pammama what if he really has a plan to give me hope and a future?
31:53 Rich-guest_speaker Wow–I think those are God’s “what if’s”
32:11 dulcinea. He knows my sitting donw and rising up
32:17 Rich-guest_speaker What if the border’s a fake? What if the fences melt when you touch them? What if the gate’s a mirage and all you have to do is walk through it to freedom?
32:46 Rich-guest_speaker See, when I wandered in the darkness of HOPELESS, I desperately wanted God to show up. I begged for His help, and I couldn’t figure out why He ignored me when I needed Him so much.
32:54 Rich-guest_speaker Ever been there?
32:58 pammama nods
32:58 dulcinea. yep
33:06 mickey yep
33:19 uniquequeen of course, perhaps I there now
33:22 Rich-guest_speaker And that really the story of my book, RELENTLESS GRACE. Because all the time He seemed to be ignoring me, He was right there beside me.
33:37 Rich-guest_speaker He works through people, and He showed up by sending people into my life who wouldn’t let me quit on myself.
33:53 Rich-guest_speaker And finally I could see it.
34:06 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF these people weren’t here by accident?
34:23 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF they were really what a friend calls “Jesus in a t-shirt and tennis shoes”?
34:54 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF I’m not alone, and it’s not hopeless, and God still has a plan for my life?
35:11 uniquequeen I have seen that in my life too
35:44 Rich-guest_speaker IF ONLY is enemy territory. It’s all about guilt and regret and fear. And we can leave!
36:09 Rich-guest_speaker WHAT IF is God’s place. It’s about forgiveness and grace and new beginnings.
36:36 uniquequeen what if God is correcting us
36:57 Rich-guest_speaker Last thing–Jesus left His place and came to our place.
37:19 Rich-guest_speaker Then He took our place, so He could take us to His place.
37:43 Rich-guest_speaker So that’s my little parable. I hope it makes some sense and maybe gives you a fresh perspective. Now—questions, comments, discussion?
37:55 Obie-host Thank you so much Rich !
38:00 dulcinea. ty rich
38:05 Obie-host That was very informative and extremely inspirational
38:05 uniquequeen ty
38:08 dulcinea. its great!
38:11 julie ty rich
38:12 Melissa Thank you Rich!
38:15 mickey ty
38:20 uniquequeen !
38:21 AlanH totally awesome.

38:30 Obie-host GA uniquequeen

39:43 uniquequeen Okay, sure the What if’s are painful; but what if we did something wrong in God’s Eyes and He is using the bad feeling to make us aware of a problem?

40:09 Rich-guest_speaker hmmm…
40:45 Rich-guest_speaker My take, first, is that with God it’s never about punishment…
41:10 uniquequeen I did not say punishment
41:20 Rich-guest_speaker right…
41:40 Rich-guest_speaker but too often I think people interpret it like that…
42:07 uniquequeen but the relality is that we are human…and we do need correction
42:46 uniquequeen I do not know the right way most of the time…
42:47 Rich-guest_speaker abso,lutley–some things are wrong, and that sense of right/wrong is surely from God …
43:22 uniquequeen My sense of right and wrong has been tempered with…
44:24 uniquequeen God Holy Spirit has to guide me….but sometimes it is hard to listen
45:15 Rich-guest_speaker Very hard–especially when there are so many other messages from culture
45:22 Rich-guest_speaker I think there’s a difference between guilt and feeling guilty
45:38 Rich-guest_speaker Guilt is real, and serves to correct…
46:10 Rich-guest_speaker feeling guilty is self-punishment, tears us down–not from God. done
46:15 dulcinea. yes
46:18 uniquequeen done

46:25 dulcinea. !
46:51 bj left.
46:55 Obie-host GA dulcinea
47:49 bj joined.
47:50 dulcinea. God has taken our guilt. rich after 10 years in IF ONLY land, what was the major shift in your heart or attitude tht started you moving in WHAT IF? done

48:15 Rich-guest_speaker Writing…
48:30 Rich-guest_speaker I started journaling in counseling…
48:54 Rich-guest_speaker and after a long time, it started to make sense …
49:22 Rich-guest_speaker took several years, but I started to see a pattern of grace …
49:32 dulcinea. wow
49:46 Rich-guest_speaker in the people that God sent to keep me going done
49:52 dulcinea. ty rich
50:01 bj ty rich
50:13 Moonsong. yes ty rich
50:25 dulcinea. i’ve gotten thatn pattern on grace herein cir
50:30 dulcinea. done

50:49 Rich-guest_speaker Yeah–I see that

50:50 Obie-host Who else would like to ask Rich a question or make an observation?

51:05 julie !
51:08 Obie-host GA Julie
51:45 julie ithink I have not always believed God does want me to enjoy my life
52:00 julie it sound weird to day but
52:38 julie sometimes my regret may be my own punishment I inflict on myself
53:55 julie but I feel like many desires of mine may be wrong or sinful and I ned to change or correct those
54:20 julie but it is for our good He corrects us
55:03 julie so if i have healthy desires or goos ones why would I so easily think i must give up these for myself
56:04 julie I mean the what ifs can really make our lives good and give us lots of possiblilities if that makes sense Done

56:48 Rich-guest_speaker Wow–that’s powerful…
57:04 uniquequeen I agree with Julie
57:35 Rich-guest_speaker what if God loves you enough to send Jesus to die so you could spend eternity with Him?
58:01 julie thats true
58:15 uniquequeen that is our hope
58:32 julie and what if along with that God may graciously give us all things?
59:12 Rich-guest_speaker It is true–and it is our hope–and it is not easy to accept and live in it.
59:13 julie Im sorry done

00:03 Rich-guest_speaker What if He doesn’t want regret and guilt…
00:38 Rich-guest_speaker What if He wants us to love, do our best, and fall into His grace when we miss the mark?
02:16 Rich-guest_speaker What other thoughts or comments?

02:40 Obie-host !
02:51 uniquequeen Thank You, Rich-Well done!
02:55 Obie-host I think that we have to keep in mind the words of Christ……
02:56 bj ga please obie
03:04 Obie-host Mark 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”
03:16 Obie-host Sometimes I may find myself in the prison…..
03:27 Obie-host surrounded by the barbed wire fences….
03:36 Obie-host with the guards, etc….
03:42 Obie-host I can’t get out on my own….
03:46 Obie-host but with Christ I CAN!
03:51 Obie-host also……
04:21 Obie-host Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
04:32 Obie-host Finally……
05:07 Obie-host When I find myself in that prison….
05:15 Obie-host I have to remember that it is an illusion…
05:22 dulcinea. YES
05:23 Obie-host created by Satan….
05:31 uniquequeen true
05:31 Obie-host the father of all lies…..
05:40 uniquequeen absolutly
05:41 Obie-host he means it for evil….
05:53 Obie-host but God can take anything and turn it around for good…..
06:15 Moonsong. to the praise of his glorious grace
06:17 Obie-host Romans 8:28-29 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.
06:55 Obie-host I might find myself in the prison but it does not have to be a permanent situation….
07:03 Obie-host I may feel helpless and hopeless….
07:19 Obie-host but with God Almighty, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible….
07:28 Obie-host done.

07:42 Obie-host Are there any more questions, comments or observations?
07:43 Moonsong. ty Obie ptl
07:53 uniquequeen ty Obie
07:56 mickey ty
08:58 Obie-host Our time is coming to an end…..
09:06 Obie-host We strongly suggest you get a copy of Rich’s latest book “Relentless Grace”
09:18 Obie-host Rich this was such a wonderful workshop tonight….
09:24 dulcinea. yes
09:25 Obie-host we would like to have you back again….
09:28 Moonsong. amen
09:30 Rich-guest_speaker Before you leave, I’d like to invite you to my blog at
09:31 uniquequeen agreed
09:51 Rich-guest_speaker You guys are awesome–I’d love to come back
10:06 Obie-host Rich, would you like to close us in prayer?
10:15 julie thank you
10:27 Rich-guest_speaker Yes–And if there’s anything I can do for you, or if you have any feedback, or if you’d just like to say HI, send me an email at
10:37 Rich-guest_speaker So … to close…
11:00 Rich-guest_speaker Father, thank you for this time and these people…
11:37 Rich-guest_speaker and for this ministry that makes it okay to be vulnerable…
11:48 dulcinea. ty Lord
11:57 Moonsong. oh yes lord
11:58 AlanH Yes Jesus
12:19 bj bless rich for sharing what You have taught Him Lord
12:22 Rich-guest_speaker Help us to leave in love…
12:26 dulcinea. yes
12:50 Moonsong. sweet Jesus
12:52 Rich-guest_speaker and to remember that LOVE is what it’s about…
13:08 uniquequeen be a light to this dark world,,,,,
13:27 bj remove the illusions of our own prisons Lord
13:45 bj take the lid off the boxes we put you in and ourselves in
13:54 dulcinea. yes
13:58 Rich-guest_speaker thanks for loving us as your kids, for letting us come to you…
14:05 Moonsong. yes
14:22 Rich-guest_speaker and most of all thanks for the pricelss gift of Jesus…
14:24 uniquequeen laughing, crying, crawling, walking, running
14:30 bj Abba Abba thanks
14:38 dulcinea. Jesus!
14:38 Moonsong. Hallelujah
14:54 julie ty Lord for for how much you have freely given us
15:02 Rich-guest_speaker We pray in His name–and all God’s kids said– Amen