12 Steps

12th Step Tips - "Each One, Reach One"

Reach Out To Individuals
We all know someone who needs help. Reach out to them just as Christ would. These tips will help you get started.

  • Ask God to lead you to those who are in need of help or direction in recovery. Pray that He will give you the right words of hope and encouragement for these people.
  • People in need of recovery need something tangible. Hand those in need of help a handout (CIR brochure, inspirational cards, Bible Guide Card, ruler, etc.)
  • Be a good listener. Let them do the talking and tell you their needs first. Then you will be better equipped to help them. Talking over a cup of coffee or while taking a walk is helpful.

Where to Start Recovery

Understanding the First Step

Worksheet to help you with understanding Step One.

Sex & Love Addiction Step Zero

Sex, Love and Porn Addiction Worksheet for Step 0 (before the First Step).

Daily Recovery Checklist

This checklist will help you take a daily inventory and keep you on track.

12 Step Questions

This is a list of questions for working the 12 Step program for recovery from addictive behavior. You are invited to pick those questions that seem most relevant to your recovery and answer them to the best of your ability.

The Gospel and The 12 Steps Workshop - Transcript

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Andy-host> It is my Honour to introduce Martin Author of
Andy-host> The Gospel and the 12 Steps
Andy-host> and
Andy-host> From Ashes into Gold

Conquering Eating Disorders: A 12 Step Process

Please click on the link below:

Conquering Codependency: A Christ Centered 12 Step Process

Conquering Codependency: A Christ Centered 12 Step Process is a very detailed and helpful booklet to help you understand, conquer and overcome codependent behaviors.

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