Combating Guilt in Eating Disorder Recovery

From guilt over practicing eating disorder behaviors to guilt over other things such as school matters, decisions, parenting or relationships, guilt can seem like a constant companion when you have an eating disorder. You may even feel guilty just for the fact that you have an eating disorder.

In order to combat guilt in Christian eating disorder recovery, ask yourself if your guilt is legitimate. In other words, have you sinned? If so, then it is time to confess to God whatever it is that has brought on the guilt. If not, then you do not deserve to feel that guilt. Even if your guilt is legitimate, you do not have to remain bound to those feelings of guilt.

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Copyright by Laurie Glass.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Laurie Glass is the author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders.
She is a recovered anorexic who holds a Master of Ministry degree
in Christian Counseling. She mentors those with eating disorders
and writes about Christian eating disorder recovery. See Laurie's
website Freedom from Eating Disorders

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