Breaking Habits, Are You Ready?

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Procrastination Inspires Paralysis
One of the character defects that I struggle with is that of procrastination. Boy, howdy, does this give me fits. It comes from willfully pausing my life's pursuits just before success is achieved. It is fear that success will bring more responsibility and I will have show that I'm ready to accept this change.

Sadly, living below the best God has for us can be agonizing, the greatest horror is when the pain subsides. Some of us knows how it feels when coming off of an addiction. We begin to feel safe in our hole and imagine all sorts of horrors are poised to savage us should we chose to step into the security of God's will. Such fears are largely a Satanic bluff. As Paul writes in Philippians 4:6-7 and in 2 Timothy 1:7, our success is doomed never to come about.

To procrastinate about turning our life over to God, tends to length the time we chose to be in pain. Nonetheless, heaven's assignments aren't always a piece of angel cake. There are times when the only thing more frightening than following God's will, is not following his will. We have as our Leader an example of One who suffered immensely. (John 15:20-21; Hebrews 12:2-4; 1 Peter 2:19-21)

Today, this very day that you are reading this article it is easy for us to romanticize the happenings of Jesus so long ago, but to carry my cross is not an easy task because it involves nothing less than anguish and humiliation. It becomes suffering inflicted as a direct result of serving God.

Yes I could avoid the pain by compromising, however, Jesus wasn't looking for supporters to His cause He was looking for those who choose to die, and rid their bodies of negative behavior; strongly deny past beliefs, especially those beliefs that would deny Him as our Savior. He didn't want admirers but imitators. He expects us to become willing volunteers who can shoulder grief and pain for His sake. Read Matthew 20:22-23. It is quite a sobering statement about what is expected of us.

Are You Ready?
This is the pressing question: "Are you ready to join me in giving up and giving our body's over to our Maker for repair?" Shouldn't be any question after reading this article.

Part 1 Breaking Habits | Part 2 Tapping into the Unknown | Part 3 Breaking Habits and Sin | Part 4 God's Love | Part 5 Scary Secrets | Part 6 Are You Ready?

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