Breaking Habits, Scary Secrets

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Scary Secrets are Hard to Give Up
There are some of us that are completely unaware of our inner craving. We try to hide and place a weak cover over the whole mess because it is to scary to make known to our self or to others. We have laps of memory, sometimes finding personal items in a different place to where we recall leaving them. This can be disturbing until they learn that the lapses are simply times when we try controlling behavior.

Sometimes people who e-mail me suddenly send an e-mail that seems out of character and might have poor spelling. When I send a copy of the e-mail back to the person they are often shocked as they have no recollection of ever writing it. This is part of our tendency to deny wrong doing.

Many of us spend time in recovery groups going from on so called authority to another hoping that not just most of them, but all of them will put our minds at rest by confirming that what we have is what they have? This approach is a dangerous thought because, as everyone knows, any crackpot can create a thought pattern on any subject that gives a deceptively false air of assurance. We know that "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light," and Satan quoted Scripture when tempting the Son of God. Even Simon Peter, Jesus’ close friend and chosen apostle, could be so off-beam that Jesus once had to tell him, "Get behind me, Satan."

Now What?
Are we gracious receivers? When someone gives us a gift do we simply say thank you, or do we bust our buns trying to find a way to give-back something that we cannot possibly do. Receiving supernatural power to break the evil hold of habits depends on making a spiritual change in the way we think. You can’t even trade an old car for a brand new one without some sort of formal agreement, much less trading an old lifestyle for a new one.

In essence, you agree to enter into a life-long relationship with Jesus, in which everything you have becomes his, this includes all your sins, your time, money, relationships, etc. Then and only then everything He has becomes ours. We win in every way. God, in His love for us, wants this more than we can imagine. The pay-back comes by our willingness to follow His plan for our life.

Walking Tall
When Jesus was baptized by John with water there followed His confirmation with the Holly Spirit. What took place was a supernatural happening. God Jesus’ Father said, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." What an awesome statement of a father to a son. Can you feel the love? Can you feel the love He has for all of us?

The important message here is to live a life apart from constantly making mistakes, sinning and questionable behavior, and letting Christ, who now lives inside you; express himself through your actions. Living a Christian life is not about exercising will power, but bathing in God’s love, living supernaturally; doing all manner of things that were previously impossible for us to do.

Part 1 Breaking Habits | Part 2 Tapping into the Unknown | Part 3 Breaking Habits and Sin | Part 4 God’s Love | Part 5 Scary Secrets | Part 6 Are You Ready?