I Was Drunk When I Came to CIR

I had a bad childhood which really messed me up. Things have gone wrong in my life, depression being a big part. But my biggest problem was when I started drinking heavily. I thought I was OK with it but most weekends I would get so drunk and began to look for more and more drink. I would search the garage for drink, ( hubby a social drinker and would keep beer there ) beer, whiskey..stuff from Christmas time. Then I became a menace. I would get some booze. Then when there wasn’t anymore I stupidly would take the car to get more.

Once I nearly knocked the pizza delivery boy down. I just didn’t see him. Fortunately, he knew my kids and didn’t report me. But I did that a few times. Then it got worse. My husband would fight to get bottle from me and all this was happening in front of my kids. My son got very scared. I wasn’t a ‘happy’ drunk.

Then it all came to a halt as it was affecting my husband and kids. He gave me an ultimatum: either I stop drinking or he would kick me out. I was already in a Christian site and two people I had confided in told me about CIR.

Well I was drunk when I came in. I thought, “Yeah, they will ban me from this site.” I even expected it. But a dear friend in CIR encouraged me to come to a meeting. And (not that I can remember much about it) but all I felt was so much love and kindness
They all accepted me.

And with Gods help and CIR I did become sober. And now I have been sober for 4 years and CIR is my family. CIR is my support and I am so glad that God got me to CIR.