I Had to Choose Between Death and Life

“I’m not an Alcoholic, you are! Don’t try to push your problem on me…” Sound familiar? This is what “they” call denial and I had it BAD. It wasn’t until the good LORD broke me, that I faced up to the truth. I have a problem. Alcohol is NOT my friend.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior but my walk really began six months before that when I had only two choices… death or life. Since I chose life, I had to make major changes. STOP Drinking had top billing. It’s amazing how the other changes began falling into place after that… only something was missing. I began going to church, but I was missing something… was it my attitude? I thought, if I can find young people like me, I’ll be okay. HA HA

It wasn’t until November that I realized it wasn’t a human I was looking for, it was Jesus. With His strength (NOT MINE), I have been able to stay sober, continue working full-time, go to school part-time, and begin serving for Him. Thank you Jesus! Without YOU, I wouldn’t be here. AMEN.

~ Anonymous