CIR Prayer Warriors

CIR’s Prayer Warriors pray on a regular basis for CIR Members and the CIR Ministry. If you are a Prayer Warrior, you are invited to join with this group to support other CIR members in prayer. All you have to do is Contact Us to let us know you are interested and participate in:

  • Message Boards Prayer Forums
    • Prayers, Prayer Requests & Answers
      Get active and participate there. Intercede and pray for the requests that
      are posted. Make note of those requests and pray for these people throughout the day. Post your prayers for others so they know you are praying for them!
    • Prayer Warrior’s Corner
    • Each week the Coordinators will post the “Prayer Warrior’s Weekly Focus” to help you concentrate on the concerns at hand. It will also be emailed to you.

    • Attend the Prayer and Praise Meetings that are Scheduled: Meeting Schedule
      • Praise & Prayer Meetings – Everyone is Welcome! A personal time for people to bring their hurts and daily issues to the back fence and have the freedom to share them and be prayed for. Also, a time for other prayer warriors to come and pray for their fellow journeyers. A safe zone for people to share their deepest needs and find support and encouragement.

    Please note: the purpose of CIR’s Prayer Warrior group is to uphold CIR members, their immediate families and CIR as an organization in prayer. This is NOT a general purpose prayer ministry that accepts requests from people outside of CIR. Those not directly involved in CIR may contact ministries that specialize in prayer requests.

    Learn more about Prayer & Recovery

    These Free Online Booklets will Help with your prayer life (be patient they take a few moments to load):

    CIR needs that all Prayer Warriors should keep in prayer:

      First Week of the Month

    1. Prayer for the individual chats everyday as scheduled. (whether you attend or not)
    2. CIR computer systems and web site to work without difficulty – links will work properly or be reported
    3. Finances – increased donations and support from those who visit, use and are members
    4. Second Week of the Month

    5. Membership to grow & members to be active
    6. Protection from all evil influences and weapons formed against CIR by the enemy.
    7. For CIR staff & volunteers – to be given grace and help sufficient for the work that must be done.
    8. Third Week of the Month

    9. Individual CIR members whom God lays on your heart to intercede for regularly – example a member who serves in full time missions.
    10. People will abide by the CIR guidelines, peace, order & a loving atmosphere is be maintained
    11. For provision of hosts, co-hosts and greeters to volunteer
    12. Fourth Week of the Month

    13. For forum Moderators to have wisdom & time in overseeing individual area of responsibility.
    14. Newbies feel welcomed, those that have many years at CIR feel appreciated and everyone in between to also be blessed.
    15. That the fruit of the Holy Spirit will abound at CIR. Healing, wholeness and needs in Christ Jesus are realized for everyone who comes here. However much or little time they are here everyone is touched by Christ in a powerful life transforming way.